Volunteers and Donations


If you are looking to help out after a disaster, the experts say volunteers are most useful when they work with an established voluntary disaster response organization.  A number of organizations in the state are trained in disaster work and are associated with the Minnesota Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (MNVOAD) coalition which works in close cooperation with state and local authorities. You may contact the organization directly or go to the MNVOAD Website for general information.


The most useful donation in any disaster is money. Funds can be used to purchase the exact goods  needed for response and recovery. If you are interested in donating money or other items, contact the voluntary organization of your choice directly or call the United Way at  2-1-1 or 1-800-543-7709 for more information.

Donations are often needed for long-term recovery.  If you are a business with specialized equipment available for use contact the local county or city emergency manager.  Use this Minnesota map for phone numbers.

Local Donations and Volunteer Management Guidebook

A new Donations and Volunteer Management Guidebook is now available from HSEM. This document is meant to provide step-by-step instructions, links, tools and other useful information to help local communities develop effective donated goods and volunteer management teams and plans.

Please contact Dennis Walter, HSEM Volunteer Resource Coordinator, at (651) 201-7442 or by e-mail at dennis.walter@state.mn.us for additional information.